Listed below are terms and photos of the many different types of canvas we offer:

Aft Curtain

Canvas Aft Curtain

A single curtain that attaches to the rear of a top (Bimini, T-Top, Sunshade) and extends to the aft of the boat to enclose. It may include a window.

Bimini Top

Canvas Bimini Top

A freestanding, collapsible top on a frame to shade from the sun and other elements.

Bow Cover

Canvas Bow Cover

Secures the open area of a bow to protect from the elements, animals, and other intrusions while moored. Usually secured with snaps. Also called a Tonneau Cover or Mooring Cover.


Canvas enclosure with bimini extension and windows, typically found on express cruisers.

Carpet Runners

Snap in canvas pieces to go over and protect carpeted areas.

Cockpit Cover

Canvas cover for boat cockpit

A cover that extends from the windshield (base or top) to enclose the area from the windshield to the transom to protect the boat from the elements, animals, and other intrusions while moored. Usually secured with snaps.

Console Covers

Canvas cover for boat console

Protective cover for the center console and instruments to keep them safe from elements.

Convertible Top

Similar to a bimini, but is not free standing and attaches directly to the top of a windshield to protect from bad weather.

Drop Curtain

Canvas drop curtain for boat

Canvas that attaches to the back or sides of a Top and drops straight down to the floor. It may contain windows.

Forward Bimini / Forward Sunshade

Small bimini to provide protection from the sun and other elements, usually mounted forward of radar arch.

Instrument Cover

Provides protection for the boats instrument panel.

Hatch Cover

Canvas cover for boat hatch

Provides heat and UV protection for hatches.

Mooring Cover or Trailer Cover

Canvas mooring cover for boat

Full cover that protects the boat from bow to stern and comes down to the rub rail on the sides. It is attached with snaps and supported by poles.

Side Curtain

Canvas side window for boat

Normally a clear window, attaches to the sides of a bimini or hardtop and snaps to the windshield or deck of boat.

Seat Covers

Canvas seat covers for boat

Protects upholstery from UV damage, rain, and other elements.


Sunshade canvas cover for boat

Mesh curtain that extends off of a bimini top, radar arch, or other top to provide shade.


T-top canvas cover for boat

Provides sun protection for center console boats, canvas is attached by lacing rope to the tubular frame.


Plastic window cover for boat

Clear vinyl used to enclose a boat. Windows extend from a bimini top or T-Top down to with windshield or fiberglass..