Sunbrella, Seamark and Stamoid are the most popular choices for covers. There are a wide variety of colors and most OEM colors are still available 10+ years later. Below are color cards for Sunbrella and Seamark. Keep in mind that colors may vary due to computer screen variations and possible fading of your current canvas.

Sunbrella Stain Charts

Sunbrella Stain Chart Thumb
Sunbrella Stain Chart Thumb #2

To Protect Sunbrella

Once cleaned, canvas should be treated with 303 Fabric Guard to protect it from UV rays. The water repellency of Sunbrella can also be restored using Starbrite’s Waterproofing with PTEF spray. We’ve had good luck with both products.

Clear Window Vinyl

Window vinyl is the generic term for brand name materials such as Eisenglass and Strataglass. Window vinyl is probably the weakest link in a canvas enclosure. Windows that lay at an angle, like the front windows on Sea Ray Sundancers, are exposed to the sun more than vertical windows, so it’s important to take good care of your windows.

To Wash Window Vinyl

Never use glass cleaner, the ammonia will etch the vinyl and make it foggy. For general dirt and dust, wash the window with a very soft bristle brush or microfiber towel and plenty of water to wash the dirt away. Once dry, we use 210 Plastic Cleaner & Polish to condition the vinyl. This leaves a protective coat on the vinyl that creates a barrier between the vinyl and dirt, it’s similar to a coat of wax on a car. Mild scratches can also be polished out using 210 Scratch Remover.

Storing windows

It’s best to store windows clean and dry. Lay old bed sheets or towels between the panels then lay flat or roll them up. Don’t fold windows, creasing the vinyl will promote cracks.


Zippers can be coated with lip balm, Vaseline or WD40 to make them easier to slide. If you’re having trouble getting a zipper to close, back off some of the other zippers around it to take the tension off the problem zipper.

Snaps & Fasteners

Lip balm, Vaseline or WD40 can also be used to make snaps easier to put on and off. There is also a tool called a Top Snapper, which hooks under the snap and has a handle which allows more leverage for installing snaps.

Support Poles

The support poles have a set screw on the side which allows the height to be adjusted. You want the cover to be as tight as you can stand, especially in the winter if there is a possibility of snow.

Stainless Steel Bimini Frames

Preferable boat frames are made using 7/8” or 1” stainless steel tubing. These frames are very durable and, on a 30 year old boat, it’s not uncommon to see original frames supporting a 3rd generation canvas enclosure. There’s not much maintenance to be done other than an occasional cleaning or polish if you wish. Flitz is an excellent metal polish/protectant and can also be used to polish/clean vinyl windows and gelcoat.

Storm Preparation

In the event of a serious storm or hurricane and where there’s advanced notice, it’s always ideal to remove bimini tops and windows, then fold and tie the frame together. If that’s not an option, canvas enclosures are strongest when all windows are installed and U zippers closed. Mooring covers can be left in place because they have little exposure to the wind, adjust the mooring pole up so the cover is tight. LIMITED WARRANTY

We guarantee all of our products, whether it’s a mooring cover, bow cover, cockpit cover, bimini top, camper top, window or other marine canvas enclosure.

Our canvas will:

  • Fit the boat based on the specs provided (make, model, year, HID#)
  • Be of quality material based on the canvas selected by you
  • Satisfy you with it’s construction

We warrant our products from material defects and workmanship for a year from purchase date. We offer to repair or replace the canvas as needed and determined by However, this warranty doesn’t cover damage done by outside influences such as accidental or deliberate damage, misuse, neglect, chemicals, water or ice accumulation, alterations to the original design/material, acid rain, water penetration at seams or damage during return shipping.

*Please take care of your canvas and it’ll serve you well for many years.*