That’s right, some things in life are free!

Free shipping to you, free use of the tools and free shipping back to us. We do however need a deposit, because these tools aren’t cheap! The deposits are reasonable, about the cost for us to replace the tools. Here’s your chance to save some more money, installing your own canvas. Take a look at our easy how to videos.

Our Installation Kit Includes:

  • Hoover Press-N-Snap tool with snap dies
  • Positioning snaps to hold canvas in place while you install snaps
  • Marking Chalk

Some boats have special fasteners like the Lift-the-Dot or Common Sense.

Common Sense
If your boat has these fasteners, let us know and we will provide the special tools for these fasteners.

Your installation kit will be shipped to you after your canvas purchase. You’ll have 30 days to use the tools and return them to us, postage paid. If you decide you want to keep the tools, let us know and we will trade you the tools for your deposit. (But, we’d rather have the tools.)

Buy our canvas, use our tools. Factory Canvas at a DIY Price!